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Wildchain Magic Egg Package

Wildchain Conservation & Digital Wildlife Adoption Platform

Wildchain’s Magic Eggs that will hatch into adorable animals.

Rookie Package
Pro Gamer Package
Philanthropist Package
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100% of the profit from the purchase will go towards funding Wildchain Wildchain Conservation & Digital Wildlife Adoption Platform.

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Print and mobile use How to use

“Wildchain: Save the Savanna” brings you closer to cute and endangered animals than you ever could have imagined. Wildchain lets you digitally adopt and raise some of the earth’s rarest species within a digital sanctuary they can call home.


Wildchain’s mobile game empowers you to play for impact, as 100% of all profits go to projects protecting our planet’s precious wildlife.


To begin your journey, you will need to get some Magic Eggs with rarities of either Common, Rare, or Epic. These eggs will hatch into random baby animals with varying endangerment statutes. Speaking of eggs, for each egg you buy – Wildchain will plant a tree. Wildchain has already planted over 18,300 mangroves in Eastern Africa!


Find out more at

GiveCard Includes

🌍 “Rookie Package” includes:

  • 8 Common eggs
  • 8 Trees planting in real life


🌍 “Pro Game Package” includes:

  • 6 Common eggs
  • 2 Rare eggs
  • In-game item
  • 26 Trees planting in real life


🌍 “Philanthropist Package” includes:

  • 6 Common eggs
  • 1 Rare egg
  • 1 Epic egg
  • In-game item
  • 116 Trees planting in real life



* This product will be redeemable once Wildchain launches its mobile application.

* A purchase of any magic egg package on Socialgiver comes with access to play the invite-only Alpha version of the Wildchain game. You’ll be able to play a part in helping us improve the game while we continue to develop it and add more features.

Additional Details

Operating hours: Open daily


For more information please contact : Wildchain Team



Instagram: @Wildchainwin


  • Wildchain Egg is not exchangeable for cash
  • Wildchain Egg cannot be used for “Donate”
  • Wildchain Egg can be given as a gift
  • Disclaimer: Wildchain is a new project co-founded by Socialgiver. Wildchain will operate under Socialgiver until it is ready to spin off into its own non-profit social enterprise.

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