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Doolaejai Art Kit

Art for Cancer by Ireal


2,650฿ 2,650฿

An art tool using to explore feelings and support mental health with a free mind through easy art.

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100% of the profit from the purchase will go towards funding Art for Cancer Every 2,500 baht can help to buy 1 art kit/ 1 cancer patient in Thailand and donated to Art Therapy Foundation

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Print and mobile use How to use

ART for CANCER by IREAL – A social enterprise aiming to support underprivileged cancer patients, to create more social impact, and to build a stronger community of cancer patients in Thailand. Thanks to all 24 guest artists and designers who have created the unique artwork for the cover, proceeds from the sale of these sketchbooks will be donated to ART for CANCER by IREAL

” The art kit to embrace and explore your heart to search for life purpose to carry on by yourself ”

⭐️ Suitable for:

– Cancer or chronically ill patient

– Caretaker

– Burnout people

– Anyone who wants to balance and take care of their gentle heart and mind.

📍 Patients with depression should be supervised by a professional art therapist.

📍 Proceeds to help improve the quality of life of Thai cancer patients and donated to Art Therapy Foundation.

GiveCard Includes

Art kit box includes:

✅ 1 Activity art book 24.5*24.5 CM

✅ 24 Abstract cards

✅ 12 Non-toxic woodless color pencils

✅ 1 EVA foam and 3 sticks

✅ Doolaejai book consists of 12 main activities with special feature each activity

✅ Free! Delivery fee

✅ Free! 1 time online Art Therapy Group Workshop with an art therapist

✅ Free! e-Voucher Worth 500 baht for any workshop with Art for Cancer

✅ Free! Doolaejai Online Support via Facebook Private Group: Doolaejai community

More Information:

Additional Details

Operating hours
Mon-Sat: 09:00 – 18:00


Delivery information:

📍 The product will be delivered via EMS reference by customer address details every day (Monday – Friday) before 18.00 hrs.

📍 Customers will receive the product within 1-2 business days for Bangkok and vicinity areas, 2-3 business days for upcountry areas.



73/89 Soi Romklao, Salaya, Phutthamonthon, Nakhon-Pathom, 
73170, Thailand.

Contact Number: 099-3563561


Line: @artforcancer



  • This price includes the delivery fee
  • Suitable for those who are 20 years old and upward and can do activities on their own.
  • Suitable for playing alone so that users can effectively explore the self-inner state. It should not be used to analyze or diagnose others.
  • Should use in a quiet area and keep private to protect data. If you want to share your inner experiences, choose someone who listens without judgment.
  • For those who have serious conditions of depression, irritability, insomnia, boredom, feel worthless or exhausted for more than 2 weeks, It may not suitable to use this art kit. In the case of those who want to use our product, this should be supervised by therapists

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