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100% of your donation via Socialgiver is given to the project.

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Save 100-year-old 7 Yang Na trees

Save 100-year-old 7 Yang Na trees

Every 120,000 THB will save 1 of 100-year-old Yang Na trees.

Big Trees Foundation

Funded 27%

54,521฿ Level 4


Tree management along highways has lacked standards for a long time. So many trees have been pruned incorrectly or cut off all together even though road side trees can be beneficial for the environment and driver concentration.

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This project will the first time the Highway Department and the Forestry Department of the Thai government have agreed not to cut down or improperly transplant the trees and have allowed citizen groups and private sector to demonstrate the proper procedures and raising funds to cover the expenses.

We are raising funds to move 7 large (30 meters tall and 30-60 meters in diameter) Yang Na trees (Gurjan trees) along highway 319 to 2 nearby temples in Chachoengsao.

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Demonstrating  standardized tree transplanting procedures that could be later implemented and included in normal procedures of High Way Department.

840,000 THB will be the cost of transplanting 7 trees : rental of two 50-ton cranes, 2 trailer trucks for moving the trees and workers who will be the transplant team for 10 days.

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